Can You Describe What Travel Is? (1 min read)

He asked.
‘No, not really…’ I replied after a short pause.
My companion seemed baffled. ‘But you’ve travelled so much. You’re a travel blogger, aren’t you?’ He demanded.
‘I am. And I can (I think that was before I wrote¬†this piece about the malaise of travel) give you a dozen reasons why travelling is worth anybody’s time. But still, I don’t know if it can be described in a few words.’

Of course, I could have cited him any one of the innumerable quotes and sayings I know about travel (I’m into quotes the way some folks are into selfies; I own loads of them and slip them into conversations to make myself look better). But that wouldn’t do.

There was silence for a while.
‘Tell me, have you ever gone through a really awful period in your life?’ I enquired.
‘Sure. Hasn’t everyone?’
‘Do you ever look back at those times and think those were the days?’
‘Haha. No, not really.’ He chuckles.
‘Well, when you travel, you do. And that’s travel.’



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