My Lens / South Africa – Tembe Elephant Park


Cape Buffalos. The males can be distinguished from the females by their far more bony and prominent horn base.


A close encounter with a male elephant who took us by surprise. Read more about it here


Cape buffalos wallowing in the mud


Elephant dust-bathing. The dust protects them against stinging insects and may act as sunscreen


 Male giraffe and cape buffalos. I could tell it was a male giraffe by looking at its bony, large horns. Females tend to have smaller horns.


A Leopard in the thicket. Read more about another of my encounters with the rarest of African predators, the Wild Dogs, here


Lone bull elephant


A male Nyala, one of the most striking antelopes in the African bush


Another close encounter


The elephants in Tembe Elephant Park, due to the softer nature of their diet which leaves their tusks with less wear, possess some of the longest tusks of any elephant population in Southern Africa


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