Weekly Photo Challenge; Shadows Of Reality

Hey/Hola/Halo, ya’ll!

Now, whether it’s your first time dropping by your new home on wordpress or you are a regular visitor here, I want you to know I’m so very glad to have you as company, and as I always say; 

I hope you enjoy my photos, for without an audience, a photo is nothing but a play with lights!

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Anyway, it’s another Saturday (Australian time at least) and another WordPress Photo Challenge, with the theme Shadows, accepted! 

Processed with VSCO

I took this photo of a cloudy world with a hundred hues of shades and shadows, through the window of a plane as we flew over.

Turn it upside down, and you may see that I took this photo, looking up at a sky ablaze with the last dying rays of the sun.

I like this photo precisely because of that paradox; because it could have been taken from either below or above a world. I like it because it, somehow, proves that how we decide to look at something can determine what it looks like to us. 

˜˜  Thank you for following me on my journey for elsewhere. Which angle, do you think, was the photo taken from?

28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge; Shadows Of Reality

    1. Thanks for stopping by Brendan! The photo was taken in the evening just before a major thunderstorm hit the town of San Gil in Colombia, but once I turned it upside down it looked it it had been taken from a plane…

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