100 Word Wisdom; Treasure

Hello ya’ll.

Honestly, thank you for following whatever instinct told you it would be a good idea to click on the link to my blog and check out this piece.

This edition of 100 Word Wisdom (100WW) is dedicated to WordPress’ Daily Prompt with the topic Treasure. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts.

But if you find that you don’t, please, leave a comment and disagree with me! For few things can teach you as much as another person’s point of view.


I treasure what there used to be;

And I treasure how it ended; for it was time.

I treasure how we all moved on.

I treasure what remained of it; the memories of us at our prime.

And what vanished;

Even if losing it, forgetting it,

Sometimes felt like a crime.

I treasure what is now,

What I have, or have not; the falls, and the climb.

And although I sometimes forget,

I do want to remember,

To treasure what is yet to come.

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